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About Us

My name is Lucas Williams and in 2021 I started a company called Lake Underwater Cleanup and Salvage LLC, also known as L.U.C.A.S.  - See what I did there?  :)  

The Problem

Having been fortunate enough to grow up with my family on Mamanasco Lake in Ridgefield, Connecticut, I have always had an interest in lakes.  Of course I enjoy boating and fishing, but what I love the most is swimming and diving under the water. 

One day while diving to the bottom of the lake, I discovered a section of the lake that was full of trash and discarded junk.  It was the area right below Richardson Park rocky cliffs - an area that people have been gathering for decades.  

The Solution = My Passion

Wanting to help the ecology of the lake (fish, turtles, frogs and birds) I started diving and removing as much junk as I could.  Each day I would wake up gather up my equipment and convince my friends and family to join me to dive for 'treasure' at the bottom of the lake near the rocky cliffs.   Each time I dove, I found more than I could haul out.  Some examples of the items I removed are; a television, computer monitor, bicycle, tires, fence posts, traffic cones, wire fencing, car axle, lawnmower engine cover, shopping cart, picnic table and hundreds of broken glass beer bottles.  Oh and did I mention I found about a dozen swim suits?  I guess they must have fallen off while people were jumping into the lake.  ;)

A Business Is Born

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While we made a good start at Mamanasco Lake, I estimate I have only removed about 20% of the junk and trash.  So much more to tackle!  I plan to start diving at other area lakes like Candlewood Lake, Silver Lake and Lake Zoar.  I can just imagine what is lurking under the water at those lakes.
Because not everybody has trash and junk to remove from the water near their homes, I decided to also offer services to remove floating algae mats that collect along the shoreline and docks.  I know from experience that those can be a real smelly problem for property owners - and I have the right equipment to rake it out and haul it away for them.

If you are in need of underwater junk removal or shoreline cleanup of your lake or river, please give L.U.C.A.S. a try, we won't let you down.
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